Robert Nazeby Herzig

Robert Nazeby Herzig is a British/Italian artist based in London. After attending the Comics School of Milano and getting a degree in Architecture at the Milano Politecnico, he started working as comic and commercial illustration artist for some of the major Italian publishers and advertising agencies, including two years working as animation director in TV and Internet Production Company based in Milano. 

He's been a freelancer for over ten years, at first based in Milano and then, after spending some time in Tokyo, in London.

He's also a published Graphic Novel artist and fine artist, with group and personal exhibitions both in the UK and Japan. 


Illustration, Animation, Design, Comic and Sequential Art, Storyboarding, Fine Art

Software Used

Photoshop, Flash, Affinity Designer, Expression, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign and more. 


Italian (native)

English (native)

Japanese (proficient)

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